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Features Required to Become a HARREMCONCEPT Franchise

  • An entrepreneurial spirit and passion for success

  • Having experience in people management and financial management

  • Have trade and business experience

  • Willingness and opportunity to spend the necessary effort and time for HARREM CONCEPT management

  • Having the financial means required by the HARREMCONCEPT brand

HARREMCONCEPT Franchise Olmanın Avantajları

  • By taking HARREMCONCEPT expertise and experience with you, you have a risk-reduced business that you can trust.

  • Quality human relations.

  • Personal and professional development.

  • The absence of any similar business in Turkey.

  • Product production, supply and advertising activities are carried out by us.

Supports Provided by HARREMCONCEPT to its Franchises

  • Choosing the right location & making its feasibility

  • Follow-up of personnel recruitment and pre-opening training process

  • Information and advisory service

  • General and local marketing support

  • Ensuring the standard of goods and services

  • Continuous updating of equipment and products (R&D)

  • Zone protection system.

  • Providing all necessary training.

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