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“Nature is our source that shares its countless riches with us and nourishes both our body and soul... Harrem believes in taking good care of this unique whole, loving our body, skin, hair and nourishing it in the most natural ways. Harrem's target; To be a personal care brand that brings consumers together with nature in every product they need. Harrem, which makes itself unique with its story, continues to improve its products day by day with the inspiration it receives from Ottoman culture and plants.

Harrem brand broke new ground in Turkey. It brought together both the food and cosmetic categories. We also offer a cosmetic experience to customers in our stores, where customers can have a pleasant time drinking coffee.

Harrem, which set out with the motto "Inspired by nature", now brings together traditional coffees, food products and natural cosmetics in the store with its new concept. "It offers an environment where they can examine natural cosmetic products while sipping their coffee while wandering around."


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